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Travelers Testimonials

Treasures of Slovakia Tour 2013
Bert and I will not be joining you in 2013 but the fabulous memories of the 2013 tour will sustain us. Yesterday Bert and I presented to our Cypress Lakes Genealogy Group a photo tour of the many places we visited and told them of the thrill of finding the village, church and cemetery where Bert's father immigrated in 1902. The inside of the church was beautiful and thanks to David our guide he showed us the original Onachila land in the village of Bardejovska Nova Ves! Your village tour can be thanked for making the link for us. I wish you much love and fond memories and thanks for all you do....
Love, Bert and Lauretta

2013 Treasures of Slovakia Trip
Despite the short time we had we experienced so much, thanks to you both. I specially enjoyed the beautiful countryside, the beautiful fields of sunflowers, the geometric shapes and neatness of the farms and the mountains in the background. My memory delights in reviewing the pastel-painted homes in many of the towns and their little plots so carefully looked after. Please continue to make this trip available for others. I really enjoy your Slovakia magazine and pass it on. As you said, Helene, Slovakia is "that magical part of the world". Love and continuing prayers, Sister Agnes K, OSB

2012 - 75th Treasures of Slovakia Trip
“We cannot thank you enough for the exciting, beautiful tour andyour help finding Bert's family. The little details of fun and surprise were so unexpected. YOU DO SO MUCH TO MAKE IT A TOUR TO REMEMBER. Our tour family meshed so well too. You both are wonderful. “
Lauretta and Bert Onachila, Florida 2012 - 75th Treasures of Slovakia Trip
I have great memories from our trip this summer
Paul Hadzima, His 10th Treasures Tour!

“Our tour of Slovakia was certainly aptly named. It surely was full of treasures of all kinds: spectacular countryside we viewed as we motored along; little villages we drove through; historic cathedrals, churches, and castles; charming restaurants; most informative and enlightening museums; shops and craft festivals full of beautiful and artistic Slovak wares; festive parties hosted by lovely people from the area; lots of music and dancing; and people, especially the wonderful Slovak people we met.
In addition to all of these treasures, I so much enjoyed meeting and getting to know the other tour participants and was so pleased to form new friendships. Who will ever forget the sisters' crazy routine during our last evening together?
Three other treasures without whom all of the above would not have been possible, of course, were you, Jozef and Edo. your experience, knowledge, planning and great patience (!), all of us on the tour enjoyed a truly special time, and for that I thank you all hugely. Certainly a highlight of the trip was our family day to Medzany and Hanusovce with Ivan, who was much more than a driver and translator. Ivan did so much investigating of our family's relatives in both towns and made possible our meeting relatives we did not even know we had! He certainly went way beyond the call of duty and exceeded our expectations in every way. He is such an expert translator and so knowledgeable and most enjoyable to be with. His patience knew no bounds as he spent time with our family members and drove us from place to place. A truly special person.
Many, many thanks to you, Helene, for making a "trip of a lifetime" possible for me. I truly enjoyed every minute of our nine days in Slovakia, have told everyone I know all about the Treasures Tours and will keep in my memory and heart the experiences and people of a very special time. So many treasures!”

Virginia Toth Palmer, Vermont

2012 - 75th Treasures of Slovakia Trip
“I really had fun on the trip. I've saved the photos, maps, and other items and keep it in a bag with me at all times.Today, some 4th grade girls in speech/language therapy wanted to know all about the trip and see the pictures, so I was able to show them and tell them about Slovakia. They loved the pictures of me singing and also the fact that the gas stations are very clean, you pay to use the bathroom, and the sandwiches are great! Not so in America! Helene, thanks for making my dreams come true. God bless you and your family. It was a magical summer and I had a great time.”
Shelly Gerovac, New York

Previous years’ trips

Treasures of Slovakia Trip
I can't tell you enough times just how much we enjoyed the entire tour - you and Josef were phenomenal. We had more fun than we expected and learned so much from the both of you. Everyplace was so beautiful, unique and/or both!
Nancy, Paul & Melanie Casner, Texas

Treasures Tour
We loved our Treasures Tour Trip to Slovakia. I think of it often and I will never forget it. We had the most wonderful time.
Eileen & Frank Sullivan, Connecticut

Carpathian Adventure
I had a wonderful time on the trip and enjoyed it all. If you ever go back to Romania or the Ukraine or somewhere different in Eastern Europe let me know. It was a special trip with special people. We did have some beautiful days which made for great viewing of the Carpathian regions we travelled. What beautiful countries and the mountains just were prettier and higher as we travelled making the Ukraine spectacular.
Lynn Danchak TX

Treasures Tour
" I enjoyed the tour so very much, saw a great deal and learned much. It was the best trip I've ever taken and the most fun!"
Marlene Ninteman

Treasures Tour
"We watched one of our videos last night of our Slovakia trip and it brought back wonderful memories. A day doesn't go by that we don't think about our experience and the wonderful time meeting new friends and family. I just wanted to say that you and Jozef gave us an experience of a lifetime. We can't say enough about how wonderful you both are and the whole tour too. We are corresponding regularly with our new family in Pezinok. This little country and its people will be in our hearts forever."
Sue & Mike Corbin

Treasures Tour
"Want to thank you profusely for the wonderful "Treasures of Slovakia trip" organized by yourselves and a talented crew. I had a wonderful time, met many lovely people, family and friends and you made it all possible. I would like to extend accolades of praise and applause to all who made the trip possible. If there were nominations for an honorary Bachelor of Arts at a Slovak University, your name should head the list for most deserving after so many years of promoting Slovakia's culture and heritage. My goals were achieved by this trip. I not only learned so much about my parents' homeland, but, also made contact with both families. Many thanks to you - I will never forget it. I keep up communications with both families and found a pen pal for my oldest granddaughter."
Fran Shepherd

Spa, Castles, Wine Trip
"Thank you for the wonderful trip to Slovakia. We walked through the streets of Moravany singing the last night. You must meet both my America family and my new Slovakian family. You will love both of them."
Toni Engstrom, Tennessee

Treasures Tour
"What a wonderful time I had...we all had...on our tour of Slovakia. Every day was a new and delightful adventure and I loved every bit of the trip. We had such a congenial group and since everyone in Slovakia knows Helene, Helen and Jozef, we couldn't help but have a fun and great time. Our whole Slovakia trip was ABSOLUTELY TREMENDOUS and I will remember it the rest of my days."
Sonia Teter, Colorado

Treasures Tour
"I continue to have wonderful memories of the Treasures of Slovakia.Thank you for a most spectacular vacation in Slovakia. You are Slovakia's gem. I am in contact with my new-found family in Slovakia."
Sister Karen Shirilla, Michigan

Treasures Tour
Treasures of Slovakia trip "Dad and I had a great trip. We enjoyed the group and your enthusiasm. I personally had a fantastic time meeting family that I did not know I had. I especially enjoyed experiencing the Slovak culture, the landscape and the people. All of the people were very kind and helpful. Jozef and his brother were the perfect hosts. It is my hope to take another of your tours next year."
Mike Hustak, Michigan

"Our guide Helena was great. I'm recommending her to several of our friends who are planning a trip to Prague. One fantastic Lady!!

Three Countries Trip
"We just loved your trip. It was so personal and we felt like we were traveling with family. Every event and experience on the trip was priceless."

Three Countries Trip
"A wonderful trip . Beautiful country."
Helen Carpenter, New York and sister Marlene "Johanna" Scovell, California

Treasures of Slovakia trip and Castles and Wine Trip
"I took my first trip to Slovakia on the 'Castles and Wine' trip in 2005. It could only be described as a "Tour from the Heart", as we had the opportunity to see the beauty of Slovakia from the eyes and hearts of the Slovaks sharing their real life and livelihood with us, not just those at tourist events. Helene and Jozef are dear friends to these people, with their relationships going back decades. Our tour groups formed a close relationship, and we celebrated and rejoiced together as each one found family as we crossed the country, and shared their stories of meeting and life, and many of us still keep in touch. Through the investigative research of Ivan, I also was reunited with family in two areas of Slovakia, which can only be described as a life-changing experience, adding another dimension to my life. I was excited to share the experience with my Mother, so we took the "Treasures Anniversary Tour" in 2006. As my grandparents had never returned to Slovakia, she had no expectations of what she might find. But she was also amazed at the beauty of the land and the people, and was quick to develop a relationship with an actual cousin, and was embraced by extended family and friends. Even the Slovak she heard as a child, quickly returned, and she was almost able to carry complete conversations by the end of the trip. She also had a great time with the other tour members, and has kept touch with friends she met on the trip. Most of all, it was a truly special trip as mother-daughter. It gave both of us the opportunity to see and understand our roots together, talk about and relive the memory of my grandparents, and further deepen our own relationship.
Don't hesitate . . . it's a 'must-do' experience you won't forget!!!" Cindi Wilson, Luxemburg, the Netherlands & Singapore, 2nd trip and her mom Evelyn Barnes, Ohio

Treasures Tour
"Our trip to Slovakia was a wonderful experience. We saw many beautiful areas, and made many new friends. The food brought back many memories of the way my Grandmother cooked, and we had wonderful weather. In some areas, it was a step back in time. Especially liked our 50th anniversary celebration.
Rosemary & Noah Flueckiger, Arizona

Treasures Tour
"The beauty, charm and excitement of Slovakia were beyond our expectations. We loved the charm of horse drawn hay wagons and whole families working their fields. That was quite a contrast to the dynamic and contemporary air in Bratislava. It was also a very emotional experience to be able to visit the villages of my grandparents, and the site of the old well where family glore says they met. We thank you for arranging the visits and Stefan for being a most accommodating guide. You two along with Jozef and Edo are an amazing team. And, Helene, your enthusiasm for Slovakia should put you in line for appointment as the Slovakia Director of Tourism (or some comparably impressive title). Please give our best to everyone on "your team" and we send you heartfelt thanks for making the trip so enjoyable."
Ralph & Mary Ann Ochoa, Arizona

Treasures Tour
"The Treasure Tour '06 was so great that I am considering coming on one this summer with two other women. Helene knows these countries like the back of her hand and gets you to see areas and people that you would never get in to see. She personally helps each visitor with all questions, problems, and contacts. I highly recommend her tours !!!!!!!!!!
Mary Alice Lesko, Costa Rica

Treasures Tour
"Traveling with Helene and Josef is unlike any other tour experience. Helene knows all the best people and all the best places in the country. She shares them with the joy of someone who is inviting you into a family of which she is very proud. She loves her adopted country very much and with good reason --- the scenery is breathtaking, the people warm and welcoming. Slovakia is a true world treasure. Josef works constantly and quietly to keep everything running smoothly so every day is a pleasure. I'm so glad I went on the Treasures Tour and would go back again with Helene and Josef in a heartbeat!"
Andrea Sullivan, Indiana

Treasures Tour
"Eileen and I had a great time on 50th Treasures of Slovakia Tour. We saw all of Slovakia from the mountains to the cities to the farm land. I didn't know it was going to look like New York or New Jersey. My Mother and Father came from Slovakia and settled in New Jersey. They have must thought it was like home. Speaking of home on our day trip we saw my Mother's home in Plavecky Mikulas. However, we did not know it until we got home and my cousin saw a picture and said, 'That is our Mother's House'. Helene, thank you for the experience. We will never forget it."
Ed and Eileen Mikulas, Florida

Treasures Tour
"I am enjoying telling and retelling the stories of my trip to Slovakia on the 50th Anniversary tour. And people are still wondering just where Slovakia is. On the one hand I want to brag about the beauty of the county, the friendliness of the Slovaks and how much fun it all was, but then I want to protect it so hordes of tourists don't go rushing there to spoil it all. "A giant thank you to Helene, Jozef K, Stefan, Edo, Jozef (the bus driver) and of course you for providing us all with such a wonderful adventure. We certainly packed a lot into 12 days and there is not a minute I would have missed...from the bus rides, long and short, to the interesting hotels like the one in Detva, to the Folk Festival, to the Tatras, to the rafting and train ride, to the small village visits with folk dress, dancing and music, wedding customs, traditional foods and drink, to Bratislava and beyond. I loved every minute of it!! But I'm sure you know the high point was visiting Kapusany and meeting my cousins for the first time. A friend of mine was touring Italy while I was in Slovakia with you and after she heard my stories and saw my photos she said her trip didn't sound all that great, because while they saw buildings, statues, art, etc. I experienced, culture, tradition and met the Slovak people in their own villages and homes. The tour experience and opportunity to visit my family's homeland is a priceless a gift and one you clearly give with love. I know it will remain one of my most treasured memories and I can't wait to return."
Kit Kocha, Washington

Treasures Tour
"I recommend the Treasures Tour for 2007 because it is the only way to get a taste of old Slovakia and participate in Slovak food, music, dance and homes. So much is packed into each day, no way could we have experienced all of the special events that you and Jozef arranged for the group. When we looked at our pictures, it was amazing how we did everything. It was a trip of a lifetime!"
Joyce and Bill Kolnik, Missouri

Treasures Tour
"Still talking up the trip to Slovakia this summer; such a great experience. That cable ride up the mountain and the time spent up there was really amazing; that'll stay with me forever. Next time, I hike up! (I hope!) One of Janet's first e-mails to me from Israel was to tell me that she misses Slovakia!"
Julie Michutka, Massachusetts and daughter Janet

Treasures Tour
"We wanted you to know how very much we enjoyed our trip with you and Josef to Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. It by far exceeded our expectations. The group we traveled with was also great and many of the repeat travelers were so helpful. We found Slovakia to be the most beautiful and enjoyed the people. Our trip took us to so many places we would never have seen on our own. The highlight of our trip was John finding a first cousin, once removed and a second cousin (who just happened to be the Mayor of Krivany). This is the town that John's Mom and Grandmother came from. We found the relatives very welcoming and happy to meet us and, of course, eager to make sure we were fed and had drinks. We went to the village never expecting to find anyone. We just wanted to see where they lived, the church and the cemetery. You can imagine how exciting it was to find relatives - a connection to our roots. Our thanks to you both for making our first trip to Slovakia, Poland and Hungary both educational, exciting and rewarding."
Marie & John Vitka, Connecticut Velka Lesna Tour
"My sister Judy and I often speak about how truly glad we are that we went on your trip and what wonderful and memorable time we had. It truly was a wonderful experience."
Pat McNell

Village Immersion
"I kept thinking about how unbelievably enjoyable and beautiful the Slovakian Immersion trip was. It was an emotional and important trip for me to take. Your willingness have my Czech friends join us along the way is greatly appreciated. You, Jozef, and Dominic did a superb job. You kept us safe, happy, stimulated, well-entertained, well-fed and eager to join you again. I've visited Slovakia many times, but not from the same point of view or to the same places. In many ways it was like being there for the first time since I saw so many new sites and met so many new people."
Sandy Novacek

Velka Lesna Tour
"I am still on "Cloud 9" and can't believe that i actually went to Velka Lesna and visited with my first cousins. I look at all my pictures over and over again and gifts that i received - it's incredible. They certainly are loving and heart-warming people, like you, Jozef and your mother. You certainly are the hostess with the mostest. Our trip was so enjoyable with your wealth of knowledge and concern. I am proud to be a Slovak!"
Elaine Kelly

Velka Lesna Tour
We have great, fond memories of the trip, and thank you for all your expertise and help and warm support.
Hugh Neeley, Hollywood filmaker on trip.
5 Countries 2013
The trip was wonderful and I want to thank you again for all of your groundwork to assist me in meeting the Dzupin family from Nizna Jedlova. In fact, I just received an e-mail yesterday from one of the cousins and I was so happy!!
Mary Ellen B 2013 Treasures of Slovakia Trip
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is looking to take a trip to Slovakia and experience the authentic culture and its people.
Sister LInda V.

2012 - 75th Treasures of Slovakia Trip
“The Slovakia trip was the best I've been on and I do go on quite a few trips. Rich and I had a great time and we're still in touch with a few of the people met there.”
Ron Squibbs, Florida and his son Rich Squibbs 2012 - 75th Treasures of Slovakia Trip
“What a lovely group of people. Helene really knows how to pick 'em. We owe her a ton of thanks for companions as well as a fabulous, over and above and beyond, memories for a lifetime, trip. I knew it would be good, but it was fantastic. I miss everyone! I was on such a high when I got home that it took a week to come back to earth. Thank you, Helene for the treasures of Slovakia! Where is the party tonight?”
Dorothy Beasley, Georgia

2012 - 75th Treasures of Slovakia Trip
“Helene and Jozef, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for the spectacular tour that I had with you this summer. Never in a million years did I think that I would find information about some of my family. Not only did I get to meet a 2nd and 3rd cousin but most importantly I got to see and say a prayer before the resting places of my great grandparents and members of their family. I am confident that through the help of great person you found to help me that I will discover more information about other familymembers. Thank you so much once again. My tears of hopelessness and despair about discovering my roots have turned into raindrops of love and hope. May God grant each of you many, many, many more years of health, peace and happiness. I look forward to many more tours with you.”
Georgia Zeleznick, Pennsylvania

2012 - 75th Treasures of Slovakia Trip
“Thank you for the most memorable trip of my life! (And not just because I broke my wrist at the end of Day 5!) I could see how much work and planning you and Josef put into The Treasures of Slovakia 2012 Tour. At the end of every day, I thought the next day couldn't be any better, but it was! The hotel rooms exceeded my expectations! The dinner meals were so ethnic and delicious! Lots of free afternoon time in beautiful cities to explore what we wanted at our own pace. And the wonderful festivals, many of them arranged by you and Josef, just for our group.
Edo, our bus driver, was so great --- excellent driver, and how nice to have a secure place each day to store our treasures. I had one previous experience on a bus tour (of Italy) and I promised myself, never again a bus tour --- too much time spent on the bus! But your tour was planned so well, that we needed that bus time to renew our energy for the next adventure.
Jozef took such good care of us during the trip, but especially for me during my unexpected visit to Bardejov Hospital's Emergency Room with my broken wrist. He was my medical translator, driver, and guide. I felt well taken care of! Of course, the highlight of my tour was the "Village Visit" you arranged for my son and me in Zborov, the birthplace of my ancestors. The genealogist you arranged exceeded my expectations. He was indispensable as our driver, translator, and genealogist. He pre-arranged two visits for us with people still living in Zborov with the last name of my grandfather and with the maiden surname of my grandmother. Never did I think they would turn out to be relatives, but they were! One even showed me a picture of my great-grandmother! So now I know what she looked like. And she gave me directions to my great-grandmother's gravesite. The Village Visit was way beyond what I expected to find. Thank you for continuing to offer and arrange this special village visit. Thank you for all of the pre-work you and your team do. Please pass on my thanks to Jozef and Edo.”

Terri Simco DiCarlo, Minnesota and son Perre

Romantic Four Capitals Tour
"We would like to thank you for making our trip so wonderful!!!!! Dinner on the river and the carriage ride thru Vienna was a dream. You bring joy to many people. The memories you help to create for others is priceless."
Michelle and Sherry Eiden

Romantic Four Capitals Tour
I look forward to receiving the e-mails and catching up with the wonderful group of people you managed to bring together. We really had a trip to treasure, and I thank you, thank you , thank you.
Rachel Yuhas

Advanture Tour of Romania and Ukraine 2012
"we laughed our way thru 4 countries"
cheers - Sharon Sharpe

Romantic Four Capitals Tour
Had a wonderful time on the trip! Just wanted to share this with you and thank you for the hard work you did to make it so.
Jo Gambini

Romantic Four Capitals Tour
We wanted to thank you, Jozef and Edo for a fantastic trip through Slovakia. It is only now that we reflect on all that we saw, the people that we met and places that you showed us to realize how much of the culture that we were exposed to during the trip.
Jack Muska

Romantic Four Capitals Tour
I want to thank you and your team for all thought, care and planning that went into our trip. The trip was more than I ever could have expected. The beautiful sites, the visit to my great grandparent’s villages and the knowledge, passion and friendly, open personalities of you, Jozef, Miroslav and Ivan made for a truly memorable experience.
Linda Cwynar

Romantic Four Capitals Tour
I got word yesterday that my mom's cousin, who we met this summer in Relov, died in March. He had had stroke several years ago and couldn't talk, but he started to cry when his wife showed him my grandparents' picture. I'm so glad we got to meet him this past summer. Thank you for all the work you do helping people to meet their relatives. It's very priceless.
Janice Decker

Romantic Four Capitals Tour
I enjoyed the Four Capitals tour this summer very much. Our guides were exceptionally knowledgeable, enthusiastic and helpful. I would go on another of your tours and I would recommend your tours to others interested in seeing that area of the world.
Georgene Chastain

Treasures of Slovakia
I will always treasure my first visit to Slovakia.
Joanne Brem

Telgart Homecoming
We enjoyed the Telgart trip very much. The visit to Horni Ujezd was great! We couldn't have done it without Ivan and of course your help. Our Prague add on was fantastic. Thanks for all you have done in promoting Slovakia.
Helen and Bob Mikulik hmikulik@sbcglobal.net

Treasures Tour
Thank you for a wonderful Treasures of Slovakia tour. My granddaughter Kaylee and i had a very good time. I loved seeing my uncles, aunts and cousins. Slovakia is beautiful and i am glad we got to see it on your tour.
Mary Ann Chappie

Four Countries For Culturesd
"I continue to marvel at everything I saw and learned on the tour this summer - the 4 countries tour was truly a fascinating trip!" Look forward to my next adventure with you two!"
Jane Waitkus, 2nd trip

Spa, Castles,Wine Trip
It was a GREAT tour and so many of my friends said how blessed we were to have a small group and spend time in the villages, got to meet the people, went to their homes, loved the spa the beautiful countryside, fields of sunflowers, storks, neat pensions, time in a castle, YOUR GREAT MOM, great food, Good beer and sweet Joseph, a real prince of a guy and all the laughs we had. Helene, I can't thank you all enough!!!!!!!!!"
Gail Fritz, Ohio

Treasures of Slovakia
"Imagine kneeling at the grave of your great-grandparents, or finally meeting cousins for whom you have searched for several years. These timeless moments were realized for us through our Three Country Tour. Traveling with Helen, Josef and Edo is like traveling with family, and they helped make these priceless moments possible. We encourage anyone who truly wants to “touch their roots,” or just tour the most beautiful countries on earth, to sign up today for this tour. It was one of the best lifetime decisions we ever made!" "PS Thank you for everything you did to ensure my sister had a good time. She really had a wonderful time and is very happy she went."
Larry & Joan Buback, Florida - 3 trips

Treasures of Slovakia
"You truly outdid yourself on the July Treasures Tour; fantastic timing and drivers covering distance and events. My cousins truly enjoyed the tour so much. You are amazing, your enthusiasm and ability are remarkable."
Ruth Goodyear, Arizona

Treasures of Slovakia
"My sister and I enjoyed our second trip even more than the first! Each tour has been a unique and memorable experience. Our tour guides are so experienced, they are able to accommodate special requests and handle unexpected events with ease."
Chris Bailey, Nevada, 2nd trip

Treasures of Slovakia
"Helene has an real talent for bringing strangers together to enjoy fun and exciting adventures, and then amazingly, by tour's end, leaves them feeling like family."
Mary Huff, Louisiana, 2nd trip

"The Three Country trip
...was a wonderful experience. Even though I speak only a few words of Slovak and all my grandparents came from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, I felt right at home. I was able to step on the land of my fathers' father’s farm in Lucka and my mother’s mothers property in Jastrabie. I met for the first time 4th and 2nd cousins on my father's side. The country is just beautiful from the cities to the High Tatra mountains. I met some of the most friendly people with this tour from all over the United States. The castles, salt mine, the lovely architecture were just great, but the greatest thrill was seeing my ancestral villages and meeting family. This was my first trip with Helene and I'm sure I will go again. I just found out about the trip July 20th and we left August 11th, so anyone can go on a short notice."
Julianna Zarzycki, Pennsylvania

Three Country Tour
"The trip was wonderful and very interesting. Helene made you feel like family. I would do it again."
Jean Snyder, Colorado

Three Country Trip
"The two things that I enjoyed the most was the visit to the village home in Lendak and to Auschwitz. I believe that Auschwitz was presented in a very meaningful way. It was not too graphic, which I was afraid it would be, but yet you got the message. I really enjoy the trips to the villages. "
Pat Benetis, Ohio

Three country Trip
"My first trip to eastern Europe was a delightful cultural experience, as well as being able to lay to rest all previous uncertainties about my father's place of birth. On visiting the church in Rabca, Slovakia, the priest helped me find the entry for the marriage of my grandfather and grandmother and a later entry for my father's baptism. A visit to the city hall resulted in obtaining a copy of my father's birth registration. Helene and her crew are delightful tour guides, as well as experienced genealogists.
Ray Jasica, Florida

Treasures Tour
"I put together and sent a package of Slovakia pictures and genealogical information for Roger's relatives. Their responses to us were very heart-warming and touching. We felt blest to be able to make the trip, share our experiences, and bring joy to their lives. What an experience!!"
Roger and Buffie Olack, Nevada

Romania Ukraine Tour
"Traveling to Romania in 2006 was just fabulous. Folk traditions and rural ways are still alive and well as we visited artists and local people in their homes. En route through Hungary, we had the best garlic soup in the world! It was a great adventure!"
Debra Jackson, Michigan, 3rd trip

Romania Ukraine Tour
"From the beautiful Merry Cemetery to the foreboding Dracula's Castle, it was a wonderful trip. I would recommend it to anyone. A veteran of 4 trips over the last 10 years."
Richard O. Thompson, Maine, 4th trip

Romania Ukraine Tour
"I wanted to tell you what a wonderful time we had. Dad (Mike) is telling everyone he is ready to go back right now. We both had such a great time and enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you so much for everything that you did and you give a great tour."
Mike and June Mihalov, New York

Treasures Tour
"Traveling to Slovakia was truly a ‘trip of a lifetime' for me. It gave me a deeper and richer understanding of the customs and traditions I have grown up with. The added bonus was I never had to correct the pronunciation of my name!"
Leslie Mihalov, Ohio

Four Countries Tour
"Wanda and I talk about our trip to Slovakia, Poland (2001) and what a great time we had with you. Thanks to you I have a family now in Slovakia. Christmas last year brought a CD into our home that took us into the mountains, we visited with family at an 80th Birthday party for Maria Tkacova, by picture.....it was great. Maria is a daughter of my mother's own cousin and we both share grandmothers that were sisters. I cry when I stop and think how lucky I am to have experienced the joy of finding family and the joy my mother missed by not knowing her aunt. It was the treasured picture of mother's cousin and her daughter with names written on the back, found among old pictures, kept in a box that brought us together. Your help with language and transportation was given with such sincere love, it made my ventures possible, a greater understanding of the hardships grandmother went through and the family joy she missed."
Mary Maye Bennett, Missouri

Slovak Culture & Wine tour
"We have wonderful memories of the Slovak Culture & Wine tour (2005) and all the friends we developed."
Claude and Helen Duchon, Oklahoma

Slovak Culture & Wine tour
"You are my favorite tour group. While I cannot claim to be a world traveler, this statment is based on experience with eight different tour groups on trips to thirteen counties, I have traveled to Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Tunisia, Kenya, Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, Slovakia, Czech Republic and the Carribbean. I feel that you go out of your way to make sure that people safely see the country and have fun."
Pat Surina, New Jersey

Eastern Slovakia Tour
Will never forget my trip with you to Eastern Slovakia."
Carolyn Senyitko Corcoran, Ohio

Velka Lesna Tour
I'm still on “Cloud 9” and still can't believe that I actually went to Velka Lesna and visited with my first cousins. I look at all my pictures over and over and gifts that I received – it is incredible. They certainly are loving and heart-warming people like you, Jozef and your mother. You are the “hostess with the mostess” and made our trip so enjoyable with all your wealth of knowledge and concern. ps I am proud to be a Slovak!
Elaine Kelly

Telgart Trip
Just a note to let you and Joseph know how much we enjoyed our trip. Thank you so much for all you have done and for the great time we had.
Mary and Joe Minahan Village Immersion
"John and I still talk about what a fun time we had this summer. We were fortunate to have a smaller group, as it made it possible to get to know everyone better. A trip we will always remember!"
John & Cyndy Polen who came with John's mother Kay Olesky

Village Immersion
"I must thank you for an absolutely wonderful tour of Slovakia. It was just exactly what i wanted. You and Jozef did a wonderful job of choosing places to go and people to visit. I enjoyed every moment of the tour."
Kay Olesky

Village Immersion
"What a great trip! You and Jozef worked so hard and it was so special meeting with the people living in the villages and visiting their homes. Thanks and more thanks. My favorite trip! And thanks with all my heart for making my extension to Moravia possible and just seeing the area was wonderful, makes me want to learn more.I loved everything about the village immersion trip. It bested all my expectations." Lynne added, "The villages, the festivals, the people, the food - all was wonderful. And thanks for getting Ivan to drive me to my ancestral villages. It gives me a certain peace to know where they lived and to understand more about them, even to see their names on mailboxes whether kin or not. I was looking at my pictures and realized the special connections i had made with those we visited and those on our tour and even some I made during my walks thru the villages. This was definitely a special trip."
Lynne Danchak

Trip includes hotel rooms with private bathrooms, two substantial meals per day featuring local specialties, visits to castles, historic places and museums plus festive gatherings with local music and song. All tips included but the bus driver.
Questions – Call Helene Cincebeaux (585) 342-9383.

Explore your heritage on an escorted bus tour led by guides with 27 years of experience personally taking tour groups to the Western, Central and Eastern Slovakia. Slovakia tours are all-inclusive, multi-generational adventures!
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