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Our Slovakia Treasures 2016 Banska Bystrica Banska Bystrica Bratislava

Celebrating 26 years exploring byways of Central Europe and ancestors' homelands. Over 2,200 people from 48 states & 18 countries have joined us on 84 tours and become part of our "tour family". We love to share the beauty and participate in traditions. Not just a tour, we aim for cultural immersion. Our travelers return again and again; we make friends forever! Helene Cincebeaux & Jozef Kaufmann, Treasures Tours Leaders.

   Why Travel With US?

   Personalized Service:
Jozef and Helene will be personally working with you from the first contact throughout the tour and years after as well as our overseas team.
   Proven Experience:
Inspired by many years of travel and interests in Europe, we are always discovering new unique places which in turn we can't wait to share with you.
   Off the Beaten Track:
Not only do we visit the main attractions and highlights, but we will take you to our favorite unseen destinations.
   Tradition & Culture:
Our tours focus on interacting with locals, immersing in their lives, homes, attending local festival, craft and folklore events!
We take pride in assisting our multi-generational travelers with customized genealogy searches providing drivers, guides and translators.

Inspiring Adventures of 2015 Tours
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Introducing 2016 Journeys

   85th Treasures of Slovakia Tour!
   July 8 - July 17, 2016
All the best of Slovakia - east to west, north to south!
   Four Countries, Four Cultures!
   July 23 - August 1, 2016
Spotlight on Castles, Historic Capitals & Wine! Castles... wine... scenary... ceramics... and much more...
   Balkan Adventure Tour
   June 21 - July 2, 2016
Beginning in Croatia spotlighting Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, flying out of Greece.